daydreamers design – Every great thing begins with dreamers; we utilise our strength, passion and profession to reach for our dreams. daydreamers design is a young international award-winning architectural firm based in Hong Kong possess a vision that is characterised by articulating creative and alternative solutions to the complex social challenges today.

Architecture is a medium to establish a better community through consideration of context, desire for excellence, attention to details, innovative design solutions, sustainable intentions, cross discipline collaborations, ideas sharing and a belief in our responsibility to engage in social dialogue and contribute our knowledge back to the neighbourhood and community.

daydreamers design has executed creative ideas in Hong Kong, Australia, China, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, and UAE. Our services aimed to fulfill clients’ aspirations, needs and beliefs via architectural design, master planning, landscapes design, exhibition curatorship, community development, and art installation.

築夢.社 – 完成不可能的任務始於會做夢的人,築夢.社運用其專業知識及熱誠去實現夢想。築夢.社 是一所以香港為基礎並屢獲頒發國際獎項的年輕建築事務所,抱著以人為本的態度,將創新意念轉化為解決社會問題的實際方䅁。

築夢.社 透過專注各項環境因素、力臻完美、一絲不苟的細節,揉合各種嶄新、永續設計概念、與不同人士跨界別交流和合作,積極參與本地社區發展與對話,並以自身專業及知識回饋社區,運用建築為媒介建立更完善的社區。

築夢.社 的設計作品覆蓋香港、澳洲、中國、意大利、澳門、馬來西亞、台灣及阿拉伯聯合酋長國。我們的業務範圍包括建築設計、城市規劃、園境建設、展覽策劃、社區發展及藝術裝置,以實踐委託人的抱負、需求和信念為目標。


2017        K-DESIGN AWARDS, Space Category – Gold Winner

2017        Good Design Award, Architecture and Facilities for Public Category – Winner

2017        Good Design Award, Regional / Community Development and Social Contribution Activities Category – Winner

2017        a&d Trophy Awards 2017, Architecture (Professional), International Architecture  – Best of Category

2017        IDA Design Awards, Architecture-Exhibits, Pavilions and Exhibitions Category – Gold Award

2017        A’Design Award 2016/2017, Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category – Golden A’ Design Award Winner

2016        Perspective 40 Under 40 Awards 2016 – Architecture Category – Winner

2016        A’ Design Award 2015/2016, Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Category – Bronze A’ Design Award Winner

2016        A’ Design Award 2015/2016, Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category – Iron A’ Design Award Winner

2015        a&d Trophy Awards 2015, Architecture (Professional), Green or Sustainable – Best of Category

2015        International Architecture Awards 2015, Temporary Structure Category – First Award Winner

2015        Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards 2014, President’s Prize – Shortlisted Project

2014        Hong Kong Institute of Architects Young Architects Award 2013 – Winner

2014        Hsin Chong – K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund of Asian Cultural Council, Hong Kong

2014        Design For Asia Award 2014, Environmental Design Category, Culture, Public & Exhibition Space – Bronze Award Winner

2014        Rethinking the Future Award 2014, Public Building Built Category – Second Award Winner

2014        BCI Asia Award 2014, FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2014 – Shortlisted Project

2014        A’ Design Award 2013/2014, Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category – Platinum A’ Design Award Winner

2014        Architizer A+ Award 2013, Architecture+Light Category – Finalist

2013        Hong Kong Tourism Board Mid-Autumn Festival, Lantern Wonderland

2013        Design Competition – Gold Award Winner

2013        Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Development Department, Tai O Twin Bridges Design Competition – Finalist

2013        The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups – The Hong Kong Youth Service Award – Shortlisted

2013        Hong Kong Institute of Architects Young Architects Award 2012 – Finalist